Welcome to Goodhartz baBanana

Where crunch meets creativity!

Our Journey

At Goodhartz, we believe that snacking should be an adventure – a delightful escape from the mundane. Our journey began in the heart of tropical Assam, where the sun-kissed banana plantations sway in rhythm with the breeze. Inspired by this natural abundance, we set out to create something extraordinary.

The Crunchy Magic

Our baBanana Chips are more than just a snack; they’re a celebration of flavor and tradition. Handpicked bananas, sliced to perfection, and gently fried in small batches – each chip carries the warmth of our kitchen and the love of our team. We use only the finest ingredients: ripe bananas, coconut oil, and a sprinkle of rock salt. No additives, no shortcuts – just pure, crispy goodness.

Taste the Sunshine

Close your eyes and take a bite. Feel the sun-drenched sweetness of ripe bananas, followed by the satisfying crunch that transports you to lazy afternoons under swaying palm trees. Whether you’re savoring our Classic Salted or exploring our other upcoming flavors, every chip is a mini vacation for your taste buds.

Our Promise

Quality: We obsess over every detail – from sourcing to packaging – to ensure you get the freshest, tastiest chips. Community: Goodhartz is more than a brand; it’s a family. Join us on this flavorful journey! Sustainability: Our commitment to the environment drives us to minimize waste and support local farmers.

Classic Salted

A Crunchy Tradition. The Golden Slice our Classic Salted chips begin with the humble banana – plucked at just the right moment of ripeness. Each slice is a golden canvas, waiting to be transformed into a snack that transcends generations

Join the Tradition

So grab a handful, savor the simplicity, and become part of our crunchy tradition, Goodhartz Classic baBanana Classic Salted – because some flavors never go out of style.

Coming Soon Flavors:

Stay tuned, fellow banana chip enthusiasts! Our kitchen is bubbling with creativity, and we’re experimenting with exciting new flavors. From the Fiery Bhootjolokia to the smoky allure of BBQ, we’re committed to surprising your taste buds. Follow us on social media for flavor reveals and sneak peeks. Remember, life is better with a chip in hand. Welcome to the Goodhartz family! 🌍